About this blog…

You are born, and that is the first page of your book. It might be similar to a lot of other first pages…but it’s yours alone. There is a last page to your book, too. It is often remarkably similar to many others’ last page, but again, it’s completely yours.

In between the first and last pages of your book are chapters. These chapters, or memories, were often created during distinct times in your life. Remember… your high school years? Your college years, or your first real love? Your trip to Iceland, or the summer you lived in Greece? Or how you handled the social distancing of COVID-19?

How many chapters can you have? Not infinite, certainly…but the number can be surprisingly large…and it’s up to you to create them.

Next Chapters is all about the inspiration of creating a Next Chapter, beginning with the next chapter of my own life. I’ve left the job I had for 26 years and taken a job as an internal medicine specialist in Dunedin, Zealand. My timing was fortuitous, leaving a country being ravaged by the coronavirus for the near-COVID-19 free islands of New Zealand. Lucky me.

Preparing to bungy jump off the Kawarau Bridge

About me…

I am a different person to different people. I am a husband, a father (to 3 boys…now, all men), a physician, a photographer, a teacher (of mostly medicine), a coach (water polo), and should you be a trout, a fly fisherman. Don’t worry, it’s unlikely I’ll catch you (I’m not that skilled…yet), and even if you’re unlucky enough to mistake the fly I toss your way for a real one, I will gently place you back into the water. At first glance, there are a lot of chapters in my life…perhaps that’s true. But I’d like more, and this is a good start.

Please join me as I begin this next chapter of my life: it should be an adventure. I hope you find inspiration here, and more importantly, my ambition is the inspiration will flow in both directions.

Kia ora,


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, it’s Jim and Barbara Niles. Barbara had to go to Kaiser today and I went along. So I asked your replacement about you. Happy to learn about your Blog. We spent about a month in NZ in 2006. Many happy memories. We have a lot of the same pictures so it is great to see them.

    Be sure and go to the best restaurant we ate at while we were there. I think it was a Swiss or French restaurant in the Octogon, downtown.

    On a personal note, I am doing much better. Dr April Zhu has me on a good set of meds. and I can do most anything I want to now. It was very slow progress, but she has been very helpful. Let me know when you get this. J and B

    1. Jim and Barbara,
      Thanks for your note (and I did get your note), and I’ll be sure to check out the restaurants in the Octagon. We love Dunedin, and the kids just started school last week. We enjoy late summer dinners, watching he sun set at 930pm
      All the best to you both,

  2. Hi Dave- really enjoyed reading about your time in New Zealand and your experience living abroad.. I lived in Rome, Italy for four years and have a sense of what that experience is like for you. I am presently planning to spend three months in New Zealand (Jan-March) on sabbatical either in 2016 or 2017. I am not familiar at all with that part of the world, and the trip planning seems a bit daunting. If you have any helpful suggestions I would be interested to hear them… my email is dkutt69@hotmail.com. Again, thanks for blogging about your experiences in New Zealand. God bless.

    Fr. David

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