The Weather is Warming, Grab you Togs and Jandals!

Should America ever get its act together (it’s not looking good) it might be possible someday to travel to the amazing country of New Zealand. And should you ever have the opportunity to travel here, being the altruistic guy I am, I’d like to prepare you for your arrival. Yes, they speak English here…but it’sContinue reading “The Weather is Warming, Grab you Togs and Jandals!”

A Birthday wish and a Birthday fish.

It is Spring in New Zealand, and whilst thankfully there is no Covid in the air, there is change. The cadence of nature is all around you. Springtime ushers in brilliant green grasses and budding tree leaves. These vibrant greens burst into full color (or, colour) display when the sun shines, as it did duringContinue reading “A Birthday wish and a Birthday fish.”