It was 30 years ago, 1984, and Van Halen’s title song could be heard ’round the nation.  “Jump.  Just go ahead and jump!”


The photo above is in Auckland, and that’s Deb in midair…..

Ten months ago, when I boarded  Air New Zealand’s 747 bound for Auckland I knew about the Kiwi tradition of bungy jumping.  And I wanted no part of it.  My brain was (seemingly) in control.  I had 3 kids to put through school, a parent and grandparent to watch over…..so, so much responsibility.  For the first three months I was here by myself, and I lead a safe, pursuit of trout oriented life.  Then my family arrived, and we started vacationing for real.  We rode in helicopters, sea planes……so it was naturally bound to happen we would find ourselves near a bridge, or a canyon, thinking about taking a jump.

About three months ago we were in Queenstown, and the boys and I took our first leaps (I blogged about it then..).  We returned to Queenstown a month or so ago….bound (bad pun) and determined to do more jumping.  You might say we jumped at the chance to do it again (worse pun).  Even Deb jumped (but don’t tell her doctor that).

What changed my mind?  Why the change of heart, from conservative forward thinking doctor, to an adrenaline junkie?  (Alright, maybe nothing that dramatic…)

Why the confident smiles (or even goofy faces…if you’re Matt) as we stand on the Kawarau Bridge?

IMG_2226 IMG_2231 IMG_2228

What is life, if not the sum of your experiences?  My first jump, well chronicled in a previous blog, really got me to thinking.  I remember standing up there on the ledge, looking down into the canyon more than 200 feet below me.  And I remember the nice young men, who stood there with me after securing the web of harnesses, saying to me, “OK.  Whenever you’re ready, you can jump.”  Time stood still.  Truth was, I wasn’t ready.  I would never be ready.  How can anyone be ready to jump off a ledge?  But I jumped anyway.  I’d had months to think about that experience, and the next time we found ourselves in Queenstown, I didn’t need to be asked if I was ready.  I was ready. The men at the platform of the Kawarau Bridge  (the original AJ Hackett bridge jump) counted down…”3″…..”2″…..but I was leaping off the bridge before they said “1”.

I think jumping has become a metaphor for our time here in New Zealand.  Living life full on.  No holding back.  If the door’s open, go through it…if it’s not open, see if the door is locked, and if it’s locked, try the door anyway.




We try something new almost every weekend.  From spearfishing in a very, very cold ocean so close to Antarctica, trying our hands at target shooting, to jumping off bridges, ledges or tall buildings.

AJHA406021128524 IMG_2230


Nike came up with the slogan, but it’s true.

Just do it.




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I am different things to different people. Husband, father, doctor, teacher, friend, or if you're a fish, a fly fisherman. But really, I'm just a guy trying to learn about life, and if I'm lucky, maybe teach a little bit along the way. If I were a golfer (I'm not) I would be on the back nine of my life, or if I were a book, there would be more pages turned than not. Any yet, I'm far from finished creating chapters of my life. The goal of Next Chapters is inspiration, and I'm hopeful the traffic goes in both directions.

5 thoughts on “Jump!

  1. I needed this post. My resignation goes public tomorrow, and as terrified as I am of the unalterability of this step, I know my adventure needs to happen. Thanks for the reminder that this is a door worth stepping through.

  2. Actually, you can continue to bungy jump in California! Would like to know how they calculate the weight to strength ratios, and how much the cord stretches as your head gets close to the water! So how far do you bounce from end of jump? Did Deb do it more than once? Ha! I can’t do it as have 6 grand-children I am responsible for!!!!!

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