Mum’s Day 2014


Yes, I’m a bit behind…but it’s still May.  Back home in California I end up working most of the Mother’s Days, so it was real treat for both Deb and I to be off work that day.  (I asked to be put on the schedule that day, but to no avail).  Autumn was holding off winter, and we woke up to bright blue skies that day.  “What would you like to do today, Debra?”  We all asked (knowing she would answer with a four letter word…..’HIKE’).

So off we went…

It had been a cold night, and we were braced for very chilly temperatures, but after a short drive towards the end of the peninsula, we arrived at the trailhead to very pleasant 60 F weather and clear skies.  It was a beautiful hike out along the edge of the peninsula, with high cliffs towering over the Pacific, a hundred feet below us.


Of course, we walked through lush verdant fields of grass… and of course we saw many sheep.  And of course, since Matthew was with us he chased the sheep.


It was so peaceful (after the sheep ran away, forcing our little sheep herder to pursue a more relaxed pace).  Is there any better sight for a parent than watching your kids blissfully walking along a path?



We hiked for about 5km; a respectable distance (except in Deb’s book).  Then, we were off to town for a Mum’s Day lunch at a cafe.


Now, you might not think this is so dramatic, but remember, it’s mid-May, in Dunedin, and they are SQUINTING from the bright sunshine.  It was warm, too!.

We had a great lunch, and then it was off to the beach (you can’t let a sunny day go to waste) we were watched surfers and strolled along the sand.  Then it was off to some Gardens just down the road from us.


IMG_1723 IMG_1710

You can see the sun casting long shadows; we squeezed out every last ounce of sunshine that day.  Then it was home, and I cooked a seared venison dinner (sorry, for the vegans in the audience) paired with a Central Otago Pinot.

Deb smiled the whole day, and of course we did too.  I was thinking of all the mums we know in our lives, and wishing them, too, a happy Mother’s Day.

That was two weeks ago.

Yesterday it snowed in Dunedin, and the city basically shut down.  The boys didn’t have to go to school (they were SO disappointed!).  But, we’ve got our wood stove, the heat pumps, and some nice Pinot, so it’s all good.

Sweet as,




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