Exploring the Southern Scenic Route…..and….It takes a village, people.

The Southern Scenic Route is just that, very far South and very Scenic.  This weekend I had the opportunity to follow the road from Dunedin to Invercargill (basically, the southernmost town in Nz) and was treated to a taste of the majesty Nz has to offer.  Not far from Dunedin (a 15 minute drive fromContinue reading “Exploring the Southern Scenic Route…..and….It takes a village, people.”

The Ultimate Champagne Tasting…and when does a city become home?

This was the scene last Thursday night, the night before my trip to Wellington.  For the first month and a half in Dunedin I floundered a bit as far as wine stores go.  Sure, the wine selection at New World (the largest grocery store here) was good, but I missed that personal connection and thoseContinue reading “The Ultimate Champagne Tasting…and when does a city become home?”

Welcome to Wellington

If you missed any of the Lord of the Rings movies, or if you don’t know who Peter Jackson is, I strongly suggest you remedy this punishable deficiency by going to New Zealand.  And in particular, go to Wellington.  And start at the airport.  Here you would find yourself deplaning at, say, Gate 16 andContinue reading “Welcome to Wellington”

Feeling like a King in Queenstown

Queenstown sits on the shore of the enormous serpentine Lake Wakatipu.  It is a town out of a storybook, with steep streets which ascend up the mountainside, and it looks out over the southern part of the lake to a vista of the snow capped mountain range, The Remarkables. The lake features prominently in allContinue reading “Feeling like a King in Queenstown”

Casting for Pinots

I didn’t have work last weekend, so I had this great idea.  Why not combine two of my favorite things, flyfishing and wine tasting, in one road trip?  It sounded like a plan that couldn’t fail.  Hit a couple of wineries, many of which lie perilously close to fishable bodies of water, fish for awhile,Continue reading “Casting for Pinots”