No funny stories today, just beauty.


A Dunedin sunrise… of the few advantages of jet lag.


The Otago Boys High School.  It almost makes me want to go back to high school.


The Otago peninsula on a cool crisp later winter day.


A pastoral setting with the falling sun.  You can’t see the sheep, but you know they are there.


What did I say about the sheep?


One of the many, many small bays in the Otago Harbor.


The beginning of the Otago Bay, on a Friday afternoon.  So, so crowded.


Very cool shells on the beach; no two alike.  You could sift through these for hours.

Today was a beautiful late winter day.  In the city, no jacket required, just shirt sleeves.  Brilliant.  Took a drive out to the beach, as you guessed, where a jacket would be recommended (windy).   I promise some funny stories this weekend……but hope the pictures can suffice until then.


Published by dave clarke

I am different things to different people. Husband, father, doctor, teacher, friend, or if you're a fish, a fly fisherman. But really, I'm just a guy trying to learn about life, and if I'm lucky, maybe teach a little bit along the way. If I were a golfer (I'm not) I would be on the back nine of my life, or if I were a book, there would be more pages turned than not. Any yet, I'm far from finished creating chapters of my life. The goal of Next Chapters is inspiration, and I'm hopeful the traffic goes in both directions.

3 thoughts on “No funny stories today, just beauty.

    1. If you saw this place, even for an hour, you would never leave. I have not even left the city limits so far (geographically it is one of the largest cities in the world, just not the most populous), and I can’t begin to tell how beautiful it is. I’ll post some more pictures this evening, so you can see for yourself. Cheers,

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