No funny stories today, just beauty.

A Dunedin sunrise… of the few advantages of jet lag. The Otago Boys High School.  It almost makes me want to go back to high school. The Otago peninsula on a cool crisp later winter day. A pastoral setting with the falling sun.  You can’t see the sheep, but you know they are there. WhatContinue reading “No funny stories today, just beauty.”

Comparisons (Part Two). And, you want me to swab my what?

A very interesting day.  It started with 8am rounds at the hospital.  I was observing only, as I can’t officially work until the Medical Council gives me the final OK (expected next week).  These were called hand-off rounds, where the doctors who had worked overnight discussed the cases they had seen, and then one ofContinue reading “Comparisons (Part Two). And, you want me to swab my what?”

Comparisons….It’s only natural. (Part One)

You can’t help yourself; it’s irresistible.  You travel to someone new and compare your new surroundings to wherever is home.  A narwhal may be almost mystical to us, but ho-hum if you’re used to seeing them everyday, and that same person who finds the narwhal common place may be amazed by a parakeet.  So itContinue reading “Comparisons….It’s only natural. (Part One)”


The Octagon, in central Dunedin.  A small (eight-sided, if your imagination is vivid, or if you’ve sampled many brews) central park surrounded by warm and inviting eating and drinking (not in that order) establishments. The train station in Dunedin, which I’m told is one of (if not the) most photographed buildings in the country.  BecauseContinue reading “Transitions”